about us

Unsinkable is a swim lesson program offered to clients of Ace Aquatics. Ace Aquatics manages community pools, and if the clients wishes, will provide swim lessons at their pool.  The program is for swimmers ages 3 and up, who are potty trained, and a member of their prospective pool. Unsinkable utilizes a skills based approach to swimming competency.  Our goal to leave our swimmers with a level of comfort and skill in the water to keep them safe and allow them to enjoy their time in the water!  From the beginning we work on breath control and body placement in the water (floating, treading, gliding), and then move towards developing strength and skill in kicking and arm stroke, resulting in a powerful freestyle and backstroke. 


About our Area Coordinators

Each lesson location has an assigned Area Coordinator.  The Area Coordinator is lifeguard and pool operator certified and organizes all our swimmers and instructors during the lessons.  They are also an extra set of eyes watching and aiding from the deck during lessons. They have also gone through our Unsinkable instructor training.

About our Instructors 

All of our instructors are high energy and super excited to be teaching our swimmers.  They have all attended our Unsinkable instructor training and have CPR or Lifeguard skills.