who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Please do not contact the Ace Aquatics office for information about Unsinkable. This program is run by offsite personnel. Please contact the through email at swimlessons@aceaquaticsinc.com. We try to respond to all emails within 48 hours. you can also submit a form on our contact page here.

What type of swimmer would benefit from our lessons?

In order to enroll in our lessons swimmers must be age 3 or above and FULLY potty trained.  We tailor our lessons for kids whose skills range from having none whatsoever to kids working on perfecting their freestyle and backstroke. 

Do we have to be members of the pool to enroll in swim lessons?

Yes.  Swimmers must be members of the pool that they would like to take lessons at. 

How much do lessons cost?

Each session costs $95.  However, each additional sibling of a swimmer will receive a discount, making their cost only $85 per session.

Will my swimmer be in a group with similarly skilled kids?

Yes.  At orientation we will evaluate your swimmer's skills and place them in an appropriate skill group.

Is orientation mandatory?

Yes.  Orientation is the best way for us to evaluate each swimmer and place them appropriately in their skill group (the swimmers will be getting in the water).  We also will go over the basic lesson proceedings and accept registration (if there is still space) and payment. However, if your swimmer completed a previous session with us, orientation will not be necessary- you are still welcome to stop in really quick to drop of payment if you do not want to mail it.

Does my swimmer need to have a parent or guardian at the pool while they are in their lesson?

Yes. In the event of a potty break or emergency, we do require a parent or guardian to be on deck.  However, sometimes with our younger swimmers working on comfort in the water, being visible to your swimmer can be distracting.  If this is the case the instructor may ask that you be discrete while observing the lesson.

How will I be notified in lessons are cancelled?

We will send you an email  prior to the lesson start.